Concert Programs Archive

We are continuing to add programs to this archive. If you can provide a program for a concert not currently listed here, please get in touch with us!

YearDateLocationLead ConductorProgram
1976July 18Memorial ParkJohn M. CorinaSummer Concert (first performance of the Classic City Band)
1976November 21Bishop ParkJohn M. CorinaNovember 21
1977February 13University of Georgia ChapelJohn M. CorinaFebruary 13
1977May 1University of Georgia ChapelJohn M. CorinaMay 1
1977July 4Bishop ParkJohn M. CorinaIndependence Day Concert
1977July 17Memorial ParkJohn M. CorinaAn Old-Fashioned Concert in the Park
1977November 13University of Georgia ChapelJohn M. CorinaNovember 13
1978April 30University of Georgia ChapelCharles H. Douglas
Olin G. Parker
April 30
1978May 7Memorial ParkOlin G. Parker
Charles H. Douglas
May 7
1978May 21U.S. Naval Supply Corps SchoolCol. Hal J. GibsonArmed Forces Day Concert
1978July 4Bishop ParkOlin G. ParkerIndependence Day Concert
1978July 23Memorial ParkOlin G. ParkerJuly 23
1978October 29University of Georgia ChapelCharles M. DouglasOctober 29
1979February 11University of Georgia ChapelJ. Harris MitchellFebruary 11
1979May 27Clarke County CourthouseChris ClarkMemorial Day Concert
1979July 4Bishop ParkChris ClarkIndependence Day Concert
1979July 22Memorial ParkChris ClarkConcert in the Park
1980February 10University of Georgia ChapelChris ClarkWinter Concert
1983October 20Clarke Central High SchoolMerle EvansOctober 20
1983UnknownAtlanta Civic CenterMerle EvansA Night At The Circus, Atlanta, GA
1985March 15Clarke Central High SchoolChris ClarkSpring Concert—Music, the International Language
1986March 20Clarke Central High SchoolChris ClarkSpring Concert
1987March 31Clarke Central High SchoolChris ClarkSpring Concert
1987December 6State Botanical GardenChris ClarkChristmas Concert
1989April 18Chris ClarkSpring Concert
1990April 10Clarke Central High SchoolChris ClarkApril 10
1991April 9Clarke Central High SchoolChris ClarkSpring Concert
1992March 10Clarke Central High SchoolChris ClarkSpring Concert
1993March 16Clarke Central High SchoolChris ClarkWinter Concert
1994March 8Clarke Central High SchoolChris ClarkWinter Concert
1995April 9Clarke Central High SchoolChris ClarkSpring Concert
1996March 24Morton TheatreChris ClarkSpring Concert
1997April 13State Botanical GardenChris ClarkSpring Concert
1998April 19State Botanical GardenHarmony in Bloom Concert Series
1999May 9State Botanical GardenChris ClarkSpring Concert
2000May 14State Botanical GardenEric HeadySpring Concert
2000November 7First Presbyterian ChurchEric HeadyFall Concert—Music of the Spirit
2000December 5State Botanical GardenChristmas Concert
2000December 7Pope Community CenterChristmas Concert
2000December 10Eric HeadyChristmas Concert
2001November 4State Botanical GardenEric HeadyFall Concert
2001December 2State Botanical GardenEric HeadyChristmas Concert
2001March 18State Botanical GardenEric HeadySpring Concert—Rule, Britannia!
2001May 13State Botanical GardenEric HeadyMothers' Day Concert
2002March 3Georgia Center for Continuing EducationEric Heady25th Anniversary Concert
2002May 12State Botanical GardenMothers' Day Concert
2002November 10State Botanical GardenEric HeadyFall Concert—A Musical Tour of Europe/flyer
2002December 8State Botanical GardenEric HeadyChristmas Concert
2003March 16State Botanical GardenEric HeadySpring Concert
2003May 11State Botanical GardenEric HeadyMothers' Day Concert
2003July 6Bishop, GAVeterans' Monument Dedication, Bishop, GA
2003October 26State Botanical GardenEric HeadyFall Concert
2003December 7State Botanical GardenEric HeadyChristmas Concert
2004October 27Blue Sky/Fall Concert
2004November 7Oconee Presbyterian ChurchBlue Sky/Fall Concert
2004December 5First Methodist ChurchPatricia JamesonChristmas Concert
2004March 21State Botanical GardenEric HeadySpring Concert
2004May 9Eric HeadyMothers' Day Concert
2004May 29Memorial Day Concert
2005May 8Oconee Presbyterian ChurchMatt KoperniakMothers' Day Concert
2005May 29Southworks Artist MarketSouthworks Artist Market performance
2005July 1Madison-Morgan Cultural CenterIndependence Day Concert
2005December 4State Botanical GardenJoe FrankHoliday Concert
2006December 3State Botanical GardenJoe FrankHoliday Concert
2007March 6Oconee Presbyterian ChurchJoe FrankSpring Concert
2007June 16Elberton Elks LodgeFlag Day Concert
2007July 1 State Botanical GardenJoe FrankIndependence Day Concert
2007October 21The Georgia ClubJoe FrankFall Concert
2007October 30Oconee Presbyterian ChurchJoe FrankFall Concert
2007December 2State Botanical GardenJoe FrankChristmas Concert
2008February 26Oconee Presbyterian ChurchJoe FrankWinter Concert
2008April 1Athens AcademyJoe FrankSpring Concert
2008July 6State Botanical GardenJoe FrankAmerican Celebration Concert
2008October 21Athens AcademyJoe FrankFall Concert—An Evening of Song and Dance
2008DecemberJoe FrankHoliday Concert
2009March 24Oconee Presbyterian ChurchJoe FrankSpring Concert
2009July 5Independence Day Concert
2009November 3Oconee Presbyterian ChurchJoe FrankFall Concert
2009December 6State Botanical GardenJoe FrankChristmas Concert
2010March 23Oconee County Civic CenterJoe FrankSpring Concert—An Evening of Light and Fury
2010May 9State Botanical GardenAngela ManousMothers' Day Concert
2010July 3State Botanical GardensJoe FrankIndependence Day Concert
2011December 4State Botanical GardensMichael BrewerChristmas Concert
2012May 27Morton TheatreMichael BrewerMemorial Day Concert
2012July 1State Botanical GardensMichael BrewerIndependence Day Concert
2012December 2State Botanical GardensMichael BrewerChristmas Concert
2013May 26Cedar Shoals High SchoolMichael BrewerMemorial Day Concert
2013October 27Cedar Shoals High SchoolMichael BrewerFall Concert—The Music of Rimsky-Korsakov
2013December 8State Botanical GardenMichael BrewerChristmas Concert
2014April 6Cedar Shoals High SchoolMichael BrewerSpring Romance
2014May 25Cedar Shoals High SchoolMichael BrewerMemorial Day Concert
2014June 29State Botanical Gardens of GeorgiaMichael BrewerIndependence Day Concert
2014October 30Cedar Shoals High SchoolMichael BrewerMusic of France
2014December 9State Botanical Gardens of GeorgiaMichael BrewerHoliday Concert
2015April 19Cedar Shoals High SchoolMichael BrewerSpring Concert
2015May 24Cedar Shoals High SchoolMichael BrewerMemorial Day Concert
2015June 28State Botanical Garden of GeorgiaMichael BrewerIndependence Day Concert
2015July 3Madison-Morgan Cultural CenterMichael Brewer
2015October 11State Botanical Garden of GeorgiaMichael BrewerFall Concert
2015December 8State Botanical Garden of GeorgiaMichael BrewerHoliday Concert
2016March 6State Botanical Garden of GeorgiaMichael Brewer40th Anniversary Concert
2016July 3State Botanical Garden of GeorgiaMichael BrewerIndependence Day Concert
2016October 30State Botanical Garden of GeorgiaMichael BrewerFall Concert: Spooky Music
2016December 6State Botanical GardenMichael BrewerHoliday Concert
2017April 2State Botanical GardenMichael BrewerSpring Concert: Music on the High Seas